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Whether you need to develop a new caster concept or want to modify an existing item to work with your design, Zefeng have the engineering experience and technology to bring your concept from a working design to a finished product.

Zefeng has a fully degreed engineering staff with over 15 years of accumulated caster experience. All modeling is completed in 3-D and can be transferred to a 3-D printer that models a fully functioning design in ABS plastic within hours. In additional, Zefeng main operating system for new designs is the 3-D Solid Works.


Zefeng’s proven 166,800 square feet domestic manufacturing facility, and strategic, global network of sourcing partners allow the operation of the most efficient and low-cost production processes in the industry.

From coiled steel to finished caster and wheel products, Zefeng’s Guangdong, China facility has the machinery and manpower to bring your standard and custom caster and wheel products to life. From stamping, heat treat, welding and plating to assembly, quality assurance and shipping, Zefeng does it all.



Zefeng has taken quality very seriously for over decades. Our Engineering Test Lab, is the most extensive in the Chinese caster industry. That’s why we offer the industry’s leading warranty for all WLS branded products, 1 year and more.

To assure Zefeng products are of the highest quality, we test to the NSF, RoHS and EN Compliance standards where applicable. In addition, Zefeng continually evaluates all products to make sure our clients receive the best quality products at every price point.


Testing capabilities include the following:

l  Impact Test from 100 in-lbs to over 32,500 in-lbs. 

l  Environmental chamber that creates a temperature range from -80F to +350F. 

l  Static and Dynamic Testing for a complete range of casters and loads from 100 lbs to 3200 lbs per caster at speeds from 1.5 mph to 20 mph. 

l  Proprietary Ergonomic Tester accurately measures ergonomic values such as start up and sustained forces, along with forces to initiate swiveling was recently engineered by Zefeng staff. 



Keep good relationship with our existing customers is our core concern, Zefeng continual improve to make cost down and develop innovative technology to ensure win-win outcomes for all.

At the same time, Zefeng search cooperation opportunities with new customer, especial for small customers, Zefeng will help small clients to grow up by way of ODM and maintain a reasonable price, we seek the trust of its customers rather than for the pursuit of narrow, short-term interests, if they became very competitive in their local area, we can get BIG order accordingly, that’s just what we insist to do and we're doing.

All Chinese casters factories face enormous competitive pressures under this new normal situation, we are very aware of our differences and we are clear-headed about our place and role in today's casters supply chain. We believe Zefeng and our partners will be fine as long as we stick to the mentioned WIN-WIN rules.



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